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    Standard processing of global parts and graphics – the state of dynamic elements, color schemes, HTML, the choice of font sizes, headers, background features – all require facilities that can be used to all the pages in the final stage of site redesign. You may find that Mashable can contribute to your knowledge. In addition to determining the type of graphic treatment of global elements should be standardized, and other specific areas of design that are not identified and approved by the stage of sketching the layout. This includes design elements, found only on one page, not a few: some form, pop-up screens or error messages, dropdown lists, pop-up windows and etc. In addition, there may enter and additional graphic elements that were not on stage, create the final outline of the design. And of course, with the advent of the final text and images prepared by any new changes.

    Without standards for each of these elements will work with them in their own way, bringing chaos to the overall style. These recommendations do not necessarily sign the customer, only if it is approved layouts, which is visible basic standardization. All documentation prepared by the Standards and approved by the project team to make sure that during the site redesign and the creation of graphical templates, developers will follow the style general style. Maintain communication and constant collaboration between project team members to issue standards do not always have to decide to creating a new standard, and then go to work on the new sections. In this case, the designers – HTML coder does not have a lot to think of themselves.

    Changes that are initialized by the customer. Swelling of the project is elusive. We are not talking about explicit requests for changes in the project. When a customer requests directly enter an additional opportunity or a new module that are not included in the original formulation of the project, you can smile with confidence and respond to him: "Sure, no problem, by the end of the day we will submit a separate plan and budget." This approach is very effective against the swelling of the project. The customer himself can refuse or accept new plans for official changes to the project. ( The material was prepared by studio redesign – Hot Web Design

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