What do you think why most people do not have enough money? Very often I hear people say that they are about their money, for example, “I can not afford it” or “I have no money” or “I am that your a millionaire”, but most interesting thing I noticed is that the majority of people who say these kind words to never straight, and wondered why they had no money when they are so hard every day and work even plow his boss about eight hours a day and sometimes seven days a week. The bottom line is that most people do not realize that the main reason why they are poor and do not have enough money to realize their desires hidden in them. Like difficult and ridiculous it sounded but it is thought, in reality 10-20% of income for those who does not keep its budget, as a rule, generally disappear without a trace of their pocket. Even so happens that some people by the end of the month do not know or can not remember where they put 20-30% and sometimes the amount of revenue and 50% of their income. Because people do not even remember where they have merged all of that money. Check out Energy Capital Partners London for additional information. AF9BED4F64’>Sumru Laurent Ramsey says on the issue. Sound familiar, does not it? And even I can not doubt that some of those who read this article had in his life experience such a situation. Very often when people ask how to increase your income, how to earn more on how to reduce your costs? The first thing I answer to them is what you need to keep a personal budget, and This applies to everyone, no matter what you age or sex, every person who wants to increase its revenues, which wants to become financially successful should learn to lead at the beginning of your personal budget. I personally love to budget and I like to compare their lives with loved ones as a business.

In business, we have to keep records, but even if it means we have an accountant, every successful entrepreneur must know how to competently manage their finances. By the way, Statistics says that already one fact that you constantly write down your expenses, allows you to find 10-15% of the money. PS And last advice Keep your personal financial statement, a budget that will help you identify the holes in the financial budget, and for all take control of their financial flows