The Slopes

As a protective layer on the roadsides, slopes, on the berm width of 1 – 2 m from the base of the slope, as well as at the base of the road surface over a sandy mound of soil is placed a layer of cohesive (clay loam or light treated with liquid bitumen, sand) of thickness 10 – 25 cm seal coating (usually gravel) material due to the interlayer cohesive soil is not mixed with the underlying sand and along roadsides and slopes of the sand is not blown. At creating nezanosimogo road profile in shifting sands on the roadside within 40 – 50 m from the axis of each side line the reserves and Cavalieri, remove the remnants of the materials, since any irregularities can be places the initial accumulation of sand. For planning and sliding sand mound from the side of reserves used bulldozers to the side cheeks, and dragline excavators, bulldozers, in conjunction with, and use scrapers. In prevent blowing sand from the mound excavation at the intersection of mobile forms of relief are small plots that for a change, in addition to the construction of embankments, and also to carry out laying on the sand in the protective layer Based on the slopes and embankments, as well as on the finished sections of the road to install mechanical protection of the shields. To protect the road from the sand drifts of the most radical measure is the planting of roadside vegetation that does not require much moisture, as well as treatment of slopes and roadsides and other bituminous binders (resin). The composition of road-building group for the construction of the subgrade for granular sands, in addition to bulldozers to clear and lay the base and sliding in the sand mound with a planned roadsides include heavy towed grader for leveling of sand in the embankment and roadside, Watering-washing machines, rollers with pneumatic tires for embankment compaction layers to 30 cm, scrapers or tractor-trailer trucks to shuttle connected to the protective layer of soil, and graders (moving to the protective layer) to lay the ground.

For construction in the desert can be used rain water collected in artificial ponds. Silty sand compacted by watering with water. For this ground in the embankment just after watering flip plow chetyrehlemeshnym wet down and compacted by rollers with pneumatic tires. The top layer dry quickly saturated with water that rises through the capillaries under the influence and packing. After compaction mound immediately covered with soil and compacted connected with the watering water. – renting of construction excavator, earthwork