Wooden Houses

Wooden houses from the carcass is divided into stages: selection-cut areas with good stands;-logging, timber selection, suitable for cutting a log house;-removal of wood (logs), log-in calibration diameter, length, sbezhistosti individually for a specific log, log-cutting, production of sawn timber, for a complete log home, moss harvesting, transportation, wooden house, home-construction of log cabins; Technological break of three months or more for deposits log, and finishing work: konopatka log home, log polishing, etc., interior-log: cut doors, windows, etc. Log House log of manual felling comfortable and practical structure, subject to the technology of building a log house. The quality of the logs used in log cabin is one of the basic conditions for Q-wood forest doma.Severny most suitable for log cabins homes log cabins saunas, log cabins cottages, production of sawn timber. An important condition for the use of wood-harvesting of winter. In winter, the tree of life processes slow down, freezes the moisture rings shrinking, compacting timber. Under the control room log log prepared:-processing the logs with an ax (barking), processing logs scraper, timber-processing plane. The method depends on the particular order framework. A log house is chopped way manual cuttings from a single log. The main types of cutting a log house: in the cup, and in his paw. Wooden houses, log cabins out of logs favorably with the durability of wooden houses from the calibration houses of timber.