Box Design

Another category of steel doors – the so-called "elite" steel door. Typically, this the doors of foreign manufacture (European, for example GERDA), which are expensive forms of external and internal finishes (MDF, veneer), as well as expensive locks, accessories (also imported). To the weak sides of these doors should be attributed to considerable cost – from $ 1500 and great delivery time. The latter category – it is the metal doors of domestic manufacturing. They are optimal in terms of price and quality (from U.S. $ 350). Similar between is at first glance thanks to finishing materials (vinil. leather, hardboard, mdf, veneer., polymer coating), they are quite different in structure and internal devices.

First of all, was isolated and welded tselnognutye Box Design and the door leaf. The level of burglary, manufacturability and appearance wins tselnognutye door. Used a loop can be open or hidden. Open loop is opened 180 degrees, but their level of burglary is much lower than that of the hidden (the opening angle of about 110 degrees). The thickness of the hidden loops must be at least 6 millimeters to door leaf is not slack with time. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source.

Door leaf must should be strengthened with additional system of stiffeners, protivootgibochnymi corners, and insulated (Isover, min. wadding, foam). Scope of locks need to be strengthened against the plate, drilling, strengthen the special canisters under lock and key. Have to rely on those producers who can provide you with complete and clear information on the design of manufactured doors. Thus, the door of domestic production is better to choose from tselnognutogo profile, hidden hinges and a powerful "sound" design. Weak side of the door, perhaps, is their appearance (for doors decorated with vinyl. Skin), "bored" with the Soviet era, although this drawback can be minimized if we choose as finishing mdf, veneer, particleboard (optional 120-300 dollars). When considering the strengths of the metal doors of domestic production, they are: 1. optimal the ratio of price and quality 2. a wide range of materials used, locks. 3. production according to individual customer's sizes. 4. guarantee the local manufacturer. Market for domestic steel doors sufficiently representative, thanks to the choice of such doors can rely on the experience and reputation of the manufacturer, the professionalism of the sales and installation teams.