In this substance we will go to extremely number important tips for its security when directing, mainly in the case of trips. Tire with desregulada pressure: When the tire if finds with its pressure below of the correct one, the contact with the ground if it becomes greater, making with that the extremities suffer a bigger consuming, what increases ' ' peso' ' of the direction and it can cause the disruption of the set of wheels band. In addition, low the pressure of the tire compels the engine if to strengthen, what it increases the fuel consumption and the release of pollutants. Tire ' ' careca' ': In days of rain, the tires with low depth of the ridges are favorable the aquaplaning and the difficulty to control the vehicle. A tire, to pass security to the conductor, must get at least 1.6mm of height in the ridges. To scratch out the tires: Common and absolutely dangerous.

Many conductors appeal to this practical to try to prorogue the life of the tire. With a hot blade, the borracheiros redesign the set of wheels band and damage the rubber structure of the tire, finishing with its resistance, being able to arrive until blowing up when in movement. The celebrity ' ' macarro' ': The made up of rubber glue in the perforateed area of the tire is called ' ' macarro' '. This resource sufficiently is used as one ' ' it breaks-galho' ' , until the conductor I fix to make it definitive of the tire. But the problem is that many find that ' ' macarro' ' already I fix it is it definitive and they do not know that with the time, air will go to leak, causing other problems. The adequate consertos are the mancho or plug. In some occasions, the best exit is the exchange of the tire. Suspension without maintenance: The suspension is total on to the tires.

To change the tires and not to adjust the suspension, are an attitude fail. A suspension badly calibrated cause desalinhamento in the direction, reducing the stability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not with its ideal alignment, occurs an irregular consuming in the tires. Not to make caster of tires: This practical aid and very in the useful life of the tires, making with that they suffer one consuming uniform. It is indicated that if it makes the caster to each 8 a thousand kilometers, for radial tires and to each 5 a thousand kilometers for diagonal tires. Lack of alignment and balancing: This practical must be made to each 10 a thousand kilometers or when the vehicle to pass for situations where the suspension suffered great impacts, when the tires will be with irregular consumings, when the suspension to suffer to some alteration or when the automobile will be pulling for one of the sides. In case that the conductor does not make this procedure, the tires of the vehicle will suffer a bigger consuming and the security and stability of the car will be at risk. Liqui team Tires