Interior Design

Why? Very simply, any house periodically shrinks and slabs "walk." Moreover, with redevelopment of flats, where interior walls break down, a difference of heights can reach 50 See In such cases, much more reliable and easier to make a false ceiling. This is a decorative design that covers the "native" flat ceiling (ceiling tiles). This method is called experts and "dry." The main advantage – almost complete absence of mud during the repair work. No need to mess with stucco and plaster, cover furniture and floors from flying in all directions, splashing. In short, this offsets the ceiling – quite appropriate. Therefore it is necessary to understand how and what you can do false ceiling.

And most importantly – how to do it properly and what are the options. The first variant. Simple head lining process is as follows. Initially, the surface ceiling clean of old paint and the base (filler, primer). Then attach the plate to the ceiling crates – metal slats.

If the concrete ceilings (which in most cases is true), the builders usually "Shoot," a crate of special construction gun plugs. If the ceilings of the softer material, the sheathing can be fastened on the screws. Of course, it is important not only to strengthen the crate at ceiling, and make it so that it was flat and at the same time firmly. Because it is the crate – a framework for decorative material (cloth), which will be sheathed ceiling. And if the frame is made uneven, and then Decorative plating does not align the ceiling. Decorative coating (painting) made from different materials. One of the most common – drywall. But we can take gipsovolokno, and laminate and particleboard and plywood, and linings, and even metal. In addition, the false ceiling can be very different shape (stepping stones, the waves – it all depends on the imagination of the designer).