Modifying Our System

When we thought that the profits and failures in our life must same to external conditions, we are before a great disadvantage and is that we are in a submission position burdens and it of this is that it is easy to fall in the excuses and justifications not to do what corresponds to us, of that way is passing the time and they always exist ” reasons vlidas” not to advance and to resolve our problems. To accept that what now we are, we do and we have is consequence solely of us, it can be painful to assume it, but it exists the fabulous news, and it is that we have the power sufficient to change that reality, which is the first step? It is to assume that we are the creators and responsible for our world, do not exist external conditions, everything obeys to information and beliefs that are in deepest of our being. Once you understand the operation of the then world undergoes freedom, because she knows finally reaches the conclusion that everything always has been in its hands and now must begin to eliminate the things that do not satisfy him and to look for with all forces what yes it will give an enormous satisfaction him. In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find the great pillars of the operation of the universe and how the power have programmed you it in his life, when reading this book will have the wonderful possibility of redirecting its subconscious mind in the direction of its desires, will totally change the form in which it observes the life and it will manage to accede to the power to have a full life of triumphs. Once we assumed our creative role then necessarily everything must change because on the one hand we have the option to accept of permanent form our defeats and this is little probable because there will be an accusing voice from our interior saying to us: ” you like to be as” , ” he is your responsabilidad” , ” sos perezoso” , ” I do not want to hear quejas” etc. These voices can sound as drums in a locked up site and this bothers to us and it impels to us to act. On the other hand it is the preparation, the fact to look for that another they solve to us our problems, taking a loose life, without exigencies, etc.

This is valid when he is himself happy in that situation, but you are going to be complaining continuously then must assume a change responsibility. For those who wish changes without taking their own control from control, she will be they too difficult, but on the other hand if you are prepared to have a life different and to obtain his goals, then will accept that you send his own world will modify and it of surprising way having adopted positive beliefs, nobody said that outside easy to do it but she is worth the pain to do it. If you see the world as a manifestation of their own then beliefs exists majors success opportunities because to accept the defeat it is a too bitter drink, then it is easy to rise to us and to leave victorious.