Repair Of Apartments: Glue Ceiling

Repair of apartments today enjoy quite expensive. It is understandable the general desire to save money on this expensive event. One of the difficult stages in the repair of apartments is to repair the ceiling. There are many ways to repair the ceiling apartments: papering, whitewashing, pasting tiles, Lining, Suspended Ceilings, suspended ceilings, wood trim, ceiling paintings, stucco, etc. – The set of options.

Therefore, among such diversity would be desirable to choose the best way to repair the stream that was cheap and beautiful. Consider some of the cost of repair options. Whitewashing the ceiling – the cheapest way to repair. Better, of course, if your disposal is a mechanical sprayer. It will save time, rather than working by hand with a roller. Among the disadvantages of whitewash – over time it begins to "dust" cure settles on furniture and floor. Also, if you decides to repair a new apartment, whitewash will wash off.

And it is very long and tedious process that takes a lot of strength. Another option – to paint the ceiling. It will cost a bit more expensive, given the cost of paint, brushes and rollers. What are the disadvantages of this method of repair of the ceiling of your apartment. Painted surface, as a rule, able to accumulate moisture. In addition, there is a question of quality of color and aesthetic perception painted ceiling. Painted ceiling is not conducive to the creation of warmth and coziness. Although, of course, it's a moot point. To each his own. A third cost-effective way – by attaching the tiles. Here in the pros – easy repair process. Besides tile looks very aesthetically, and with proper selection of colors and textures can be a wonderful addition to your interior. What about the negatives of such a repair of an apartment? And the following disadvantages. If you decide to change "clothes" the ceiling, a tile will have to rend. Occupation is not easy. In addition, the ceiling after the event would have to align to the glue residue. The next minus the ecological material itself. In this case, the lower the quality, the material is cheaper. Another option repair ceiling – papering. Among the advantages: a wide choice of textures, colors. The ability to combine different types of textures. In addition, this method is rather economical (if not considered an option to buy exclusive European models wallpaper). Material is sufficiently environmentally friendly, allergy to wallpaper a rarity. What are the cons: wallpaper all still need to be able to glue. Although there are now options for easy glueing. If you wish to alter renovated apartment wallpaper also have to unstick. Perhaps, with all the cons of this method. Thus, if your intention is "to put" your ceiling while saving, then the repair of apartments we recommend you use one of the methods listed above to your taste.