Russia Admission

Seems more reasonable model of admission to the sro in the building, according to which a positive decision on the admission of persons to membership in the sro in the construction and issuing him a certificate of admission will become effective at the time of adoption such a decision, and since the payment of an entrance fee and contribution to the compensation fund sro. In the register of members of SROs all taken against members of the SROs in the construction of solutions should reflect not on the day of their adoption, and on the day the entry into force of such decisions. In this case, will be adequately protected the interests and the candidate, and other members of SROs. The candidate will make money only when convinced that gain access to all types of work, had counted on, and in case of refusal to issue a cpo for admission to any of the types of work can refuse membership in the sro in the building and go to another. At the same time, equal with the other members of the right candidate acquire only after full payment of entry fee and contribution to the compensation fund.

It remains to say that the mechanism for the entry decisions of SROs in the construction of a force after a certain interval time used by the legislator with regard to decisions on the approval and changing of key documents self-regulatory organization (Part 13 of article. 55.5 gdc Russia). In September 2009 the State Duma bill was introduced N 252540-5, which involves a number of changes in the gdc Russia. Among other things, to remedy and called the lack of legal regulation of membership in the sro, as it is required to SROs in the building to reflect in the register of members information on the issue certificate of admission to work is not at the decision to issue the certificate, but at the time of issuing the certificate. However, this approach only partially addresses the existing problems, since the person does not have contributed to the compensation fund SROs, in this case still become a member and can participate in decision-making self-regulatory organization that can not be considered fair to the members of the SROs in the construction, have paid such a fee.