Russia Admission

Seems more reasonable model of admission to the sro in the building, according to which a positive decision on the admission of persons to membership in the sro in the construction and issuing him a certificate of admission will become effective at the time of adoption such a decision, and since the payment of an entrance fee and contribution to the compensation fund sro. In the register of members of SROs all taken against members of the SROs in the construction of solutions should reflect not on the day of their adoption, and on the day the entry into force of such decisions. In this case, will be adequately protected the interests and the candidate, and other members of SROs. The candidate will make money only when convinced that gain access to all types of work, had counted on, and in case of refusal to issue a cpo for admission to any of the types of work can refuse membership in the sro in the building and go to another. At the same time, equal with the other members of the right candidate acquire only after full payment of entry fee and contribution to the compensation fund.

It remains to say that the mechanism for the entry decisions of SROs in the construction of a force after a certain interval time used by the legislator with regard to decisions on the approval and changing of key documents self-regulatory organization (Part 13 of article. 55.5 gdc Russia). In September 2009 the State Duma bill was introduced N 252540-5, which involves a number of changes in the gdc Russia. Among other things, to remedy and called the lack of legal regulation of membership in the sro, as it is required to SROs in the building to reflect in the register of members information on the issue certificate of admission to work is not at the decision to issue the certificate, but at the time of issuing the certificate. However, this approach only partially addresses the existing problems, since the person does not have contributed to the compensation fund SROs, in this case still become a member and can participate in decision-making self-regulatory organization that can not be considered fair to the members of the SROs in the construction, have paid such a fee.

Box Design

Another category of steel doors – the so-called "elite" steel door. Typically, this the doors of foreign manufacture (European, for example GERDA), which are expensive forms of external and internal finishes (MDF, veneer), as well as expensive locks, accessories (also imported). To the weak sides of these doors should be attributed to considerable cost – from $ 1500 and great delivery time. The latter category – it is the metal doors of domestic manufacturing. They are optimal in terms of price and quality (from U.S. $ 350). Similar between is at first glance thanks to finishing materials (vinil. leather, hardboard, mdf, veneer., polymer coating), they are quite different in structure and internal devices.

First of all, was isolated and welded tselnognutye Box Design and the door leaf. The level of burglary, manufacturability and appearance wins tselnognutye door. Used a loop can be open or hidden. Open loop is opened 180 degrees, but their level of burglary is much lower than that of the hidden (the opening angle of about 110 degrees). The thickness of the hidden loops must be at least 6 millimeters to door leaf is not slack with time. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source.

Door leaf must should be strengthened with additional system of stiffeners, protivootgibochnymi corners, and insulated (Isover, min. wadding, foam). Scope of locks need to be strengthened against the plate, drilling, strengthen the special canisters under lock and key. Have to rely on those producers who can provide you with complete and clear information on the design of manufactured doors. Thus, the door of domestic production is better to choose from tselnognutogo profile, hidden hinges and a powerful "sound" design. Weak side of the door, perhaps, is their appearance (for doors decorated with vinyl. Skin), "bored" with the Soviet era, although this drawback can be minimized if we choose as finishing mdf, veneer, particleboard (optional 120-300 dollars). When considering the strengths of the metal doors of domestic production, they are: 1. optimal the ratio of price and quality 2. a wide range of materials used, locks. 3. production according to individual customer's sizes. 4. guarantee the local manufacturer. Market for domestic steel doors sufficiently representative, thanks to the choice of such doors can rely on the experience and reputation of the manufacturer, the professionalism of the sales and installation teams.

Moscow Water

Non-galvanized products, in addition, are subject to rust. Deposits inside the pipes is not only impede the flow of water on the upper floors of the building, but also worsen its hygienic properties, negating the "no" to water activities. It is obvious that this problem is widespread, so it was quite interesting to hear from experts and become familiar with practical recommendations to address this negative phenomenon. So, the mechanic energy section of the Moscow branch of CenterTelecom Vladimir Samburu, said: "At the moment the only way to restore the normal operation of pipelines is that they flush. Based on our practices, with a small thickness of sediments of some parts of pipe was washed with a strong jet of water, and for systems "experienced", we use compressed air. The velocity of water-air mixture in the process of cleaning must reach 2 – 3 m / s, the pressure air supply – at least 0.7 MPa at a flow rate of 5 – 6 m 3 per 1 m3 of water. The air is preferably delivered to the network periodically, at intervals of 1 – 3 min. Flowing into the riser air mixture boils and is well removed from the walls all deposits. Purification yields better results if you first before starting work in the tower to enter a small number of large salt crystals in which the flow acts like sandpaper ". Depending on the quality water used and the material from which pipes are made, this procedure should be performed every 4 – 7 years.

Film Heating

The heating element is laid in parallel, with an interval of 10-20 cm under the cable is laid a layer of thermal insulation, prevent the loss of heat. Top of all that is poured a layer of cement mortar of thickness 2-5 cm power cable is supplied to the thermostat. Thermostat – the only visible part of the system. Coffee floor heating is by far the dominant. It is much easier to install and more reliable in technical terms.

Surface of the heating system running on electricity, flooring laid is not recommended. Such system, unlike vodotsirkulyatsionnoy quickly heats the floor, which leads to corrosion of the flooring. When laying the flooring over the "warm floor" should take into account the thickness of the hardwood planks. The optimum thickness – 13-15 mm. Parquet 10 mm thick can not be used and the thickness of 20 mm is different too low heat transfer. This can lead to an increase in heat consumption. The use of devices floor heating usually leads to bias and gaps in parquet flooring.

In this case, you must perform a double bonding, as described above. When installing flooring over underfloor heating devices must use a barrier – a polymer film-insulator thickness of 0.2 mm. The film should be laid as close as possible to the parquet floor. When laying the flooring on top of heating system in each room should have its own floor, which ends in the field of doorways. For a couple of days before laying a parquet floor heating system must be disabled. Once the floor is laid, the heating system once again turned on. After turning on the heating system of its power should be increased gradually. Fast increase in temperature in the room with freshly hardwood floors lead to the deterioration (peresushke) parquet and cracking. Sometimes arose; aet need to lay flooring in the room is not exactly suitable conditions. Under floor may be located a cold basement. In such cases, the insulating properties of the flooring can add additional insulation. Introduction to the floor construction of additional layers of thermal insulator (eg, sheet cork or fiberboard) successfully solves this problem. But sometimes faced with a situation where a parquet floor in a screed for one reason or another have been hot water pipe or laid on the previously compiled water heating system design. On the parquet laying on the warm floor, we have discussed above. I would like to remind you that you should carefully select all materials, paying attention to the maximum allowable positive temperature of specifications. Many glues, varnishes and mastics are not designed for values higher than 50 C. Their use at higher temperatures can sometimes cause degradation of properties, degradation of materials with separation, in particular, gases, which in turn may affect the integrity of the sexes. Tree in such conditions, crack, warp, crack. Sometimes there is cracking and rupture of the lacquer coating. Somewhat improve the situation will help arrangements for a more even distribution of heat under the floor. For this example, use a porous insulating material covered with foil, or similar material in combination with foil. Among the most common defects of parquet floors that occur during their operation, are the cracks between riveting and bulging and buckling hardwood floors. The presence of small hair cracks between the elements of the parquet floor, as Typically, during the winter heating season is normal and due to low humidity indoors.