The Sun, is the great power plant of the universe, is considered as main and more important astro, its origin is related to the big-bang, is an atomic bomb in constant process of nuclear fusing, radiates about 56 10 x v calories of energy, being that the only 2,55 Land intercepts 10 x x, the equivalent the 30 a thousand times the consumption of world-wide energy, its temperature is of 6.000 C, and its energy is transmitted and propagated in the universe through electromagnetic waves that reach 299.300 approach speed of Km/s. (AYOADE, 1986) the energy that keeps the system planet Land happens ofthe propagated solar radiation through electromagnetic waves of short length, mainly the ultraviolet rays, infra-red ray and rays of the visible band. When all arrives the atmosphere this radiation interacts with the diverse components that the form, acting of selective form, through the diffusion process, reflection and absorption. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue. Thus, part of this energy is reflected in return for the space, another portion is spread out or spread in all the directions, in case that it comes back toward the space is called ascending diffusion, in contrast, in case that it is spread for the terrestrial surface is called descending diffusion, and the absorption it is carried through by all the bodies that possess capacity to hold back energy. The interaction of the solar radiation with the atmosphere, the lithospere and hidrosfera is essential so that the diverse trficos levels of the biosfera are kept, the solar radiation is the main source of feeding for the auttrofos beings as vegetables and some seaweed, that is, the solar energy happened by intermediary of electromagnetic waves is basic for the process of carried through vegetal nutrition through the photosyntheses. The existence of this mechanism is essential for the formation of the vegetal biomass, important source of nutrition for the herbvoros beings, that for its time will be part of the alimentary chain, as source of nutrition for the carnivorous beings, at last, is for intermediary of the solar radiation that the diverse trficos levels are formed in the biosfera. Add to your understanding with Darcy Stacom.