Styles Of Design

At first, let's say that this style. Usually, the word community understand the ideological and artistic tendencies inherent in any particular period or art movement. The style applied to the interior, used to create the space, the atmosphere which is one artistic idea, under which selected decorative elements, decorative materials. It should be noted that the former Soviet Union private interior design has appeared recently before this time, the ideology of the state was aimed at the depersonalization of people and erasing any distinction between members of society. Today things are done differently. Even people with average income can afford to order an exclusive interior design of apartments. The only things which will seriously smash his head, so it is just over the choice of stylistic solutions.

Art-deco high-tech, Empire, classicism, Nouveau – it's not all the styles that specialized studios to offer customers. We want to introduce you to some of the current artistic trends, so you can choose suits your interior design with taking into account the peculiarities of his character and outlook. Hi-tech style likely to appeal to young, technologically 'advanced' people. Its characteristic features are the functionality and minimalism, the use of modern materials as well as unconventional, futuristic form of furniture. In such circumstances, especially looks good variety of household and computer equipment, as well as possible corresponding to our understanding of the room of the future. If you more to the liking of simplicity, balance and natural shape, then choose a particular interior design made in the 'English' style. From other directions it is different mock, pronounced solemnity heaviness and massiveness to reflect the reliability and permanence of the classics.

It is suitable for any room, so if you hesitate and do not know what to choose, we recommend staying on the proven time setting. The truly revolutionary style – this is modern. He was born at the turn of xix – xx centuries and instantly won the hearts of people. The main rule, which professes the interior design of apartments in this style – the lack of pattern-making, freedom in choosing the building materials and decorative elements. . Using this approach, designers are creating elegant and unique rooms in which fits well with home appliances, furniture and other furnishings. Art Deco is also an offshoot of modernism. On the one hand it classical, straightforward and thorough, but on the other – a very extensive use of modern motifs: a combination of sophisticated, expensive materials, sinuous lines, images of fantastic plants and creatures. If it was not the theme of modernity, then the Art Deco could be called primitive, but everything turned out differently, and now this style has many loyal fans in all corners our planet. As you may already have been able to see the private interior design – just a godsend for people wanting to live in their original, unusual and functional apartment. Of course, you can achieve the desired goal only if will cooperate with well-established specialist, but the choice of a designer – it's a topic for a large, separate article.