Limousines Services

Classical tradition revived the old taxi Remember the old taxis? Impeccable service, a wide range of services and, of course, a very special atmosphere of goodwill and peace? It's like you are transported into times, the aristocracy and sit in a carriage filed … The company 'old taxi' announces the opening of a wide variety of passenger lines, each of which will be organized in the new style, uncharacteristic for Conventional companies providing taxi services. Dermot McCormack may also support this cause. The times of the old taxi back: you can now use its services by ordering online The company significantly expanded its fleet and is ready to provide services to quantitatively and qualitatively new level. You can order a taxi in the form of an ordinary passenger car, or choose any other mode of transport for passenger traffic: – Taxi in Moscow for influential people offers comfort-class: comfortable and luxurious car service will help you stay in the familiar comfort – Official taxis in Moscow include the rental of expensive and high-end machines marked with a specially trained drivers – Taxi business-class business people will surely move to Moscow, using high-quality and stylish-looking machine – Minivans provide an opportunity to move the whole company, to travel in comfort and carry cargo complex. For example, expensive dogs to carry the exhibition is a minivan. – Minibuses decide all questions of transporting large companies, comfortable trips in the area and transportation. Click Andy Florance for additional related pages.

Taxi-minibus allows a large group of people quickly, efficiently organized and reach the desired point. "The old taxi" also offers a booking vans for events – From weddings to business conferences. – Buses can solve any problem related to the transportation of large groups – from guided tours to the participants or the transfer negotiations. – Limousines for special occasions are also available for order in the "Old taxi." As you can see, you can really go on anything. As for the "ordinary" cars taxi, and here you will find many enjoyable. The main thing, of course – this is the fact that any taxi you will be pleased: the car always arrives on time, driving is an experienced driver (special courses last communication with the customer) and order is possible at any time. "The old taxi" Moscow revives the classics – those wonderful times when the service call, the machine is always seen as a small celebration, but any visitor could quite happily sit in the cabin and called the place where he needs to get here – and be fully confident in the safety, comfort and speed of travel. In short, try to order a taxi – it's a real pleasure.

Alloy Wheels

In recent years, alloy wheels range in the Russian market has increased markedly, and the ordinary buyer is difficult not to make mistakes when choosing wheels. Modern technology allows the light alloy wheels in large number of design options, which motorists attach high priority to, and often wrong. Most alloy wheels are made of aluminum alloy with small addition of other metals. With this disc is obtained both durable and lightweight. Compared with stamped steel die-cast disc weight is much less, which positively affects the car's handling characteristics.

When using the casting decreases nepodresorennaya mass, then there are plenty of those parts of the machine are not supported by suspension (wheels, tires and brakes). Rotary wheel weight is also reduced, which leads to greater speed in acceleration and braking. Choosing alloy wheels, pay attention to the following: Wheel offset (the distance between the plane of symmetry of the rim and the mating plane of the disk (which it is attached to the wheel hub.) Departure wheel directly affects the handling characteristics of the machine. diameter of the disk. Today in vogue wide wheels, larger than standard size. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. Most of the models of cars can use the disks are not increased more than 2 inches, and the use of low-profile rubber wheels radius remains the same. pitch circle diameter (the diameter of a circle, on which there are bolts on the wheel hub.) It is very important select the required diameter alloy wheels, otherwise the installation will be impossible. To choose the correct alloy wheels, very important point, because it affects not only the driving and technical characteristics car, but also the safety of its owner.

Tire Inflation Pressure

Tires. 1) Observe the correct tire inflation pressure, you should check the pressure in the wheels, 2 times a month 2) Keep clean the wheels of your car 3) Use a special tire for cleaning air conditioning 4) Examine Tire imbalance at least in a week. 5) Always keep the back wheel in good condition inflated. 6) If your car is aimed rubber, the back wheel is better to have that installed on the right direction of movement of the car. 7) Strive to always carry a kit for rapid tire repair puncture: a special awl kit repair harnesses. 8) Try not to use sealants tire 9) You should always keep in set jack and pump. 10) It should be remembered that, having separated the rubber, the movement of the car changed dramatically. 11) To improve rear-wheel drive vehicle stability control company Pirelli recommends setting on the front axle Tyres with directional tread on the rear axle tires with an asymmetrical pattern.

12) Since producers of automobile tires are constantly updating their product lines, we advise you to seamlessly update the model used by you to your car, you have to update them in pairs on the axis. 13) If you have a car kit is an asymmetric tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change it on the diagonal. 14) If you have to car kit is designed rubber, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change its axis by keeping its focus. 15) Check and follow the correct torque the wheels of your car, remember that the tightening of the wheel runs diagonally to the desired use of a torque wrench. 16) Try as much as possible to make an external inspection of your wheels! 17) Remember that the use of Low profile rubber detrimental effect on the suspension of your car with the quality of road surface in our country!