Tire Inflation Pressure

Tires. 1) Observe the correct tire inflation pressure, you should check the pressure in the wheels, 2 times a month 2) Keep clean the wheels of your car 3) Use a special tire for cleaning air conditioning 4) Examine Tire imbalance at least in a week. 5) Always keep the back wheel in good condition inflated. 6) If your car is aimed rubber, the back wheel is better to have that installed on the right direction of movement of the car. 7) Strive to always carry a kit for rapid tire repair puncture: a special awl kit repair harnesses. 8) Try not to use sealants tire 9) You should always keep in set jack and pump. 10) It should be remembered that, having separated the rubber, the movement of the car changed dramatically. 11) To improve rear-wheel drive vehicle stability control company Pirelli recommends setting on the front axle Tyres with directional tread on the rear axle tires with an asymmetrical pattern.

12) Since producers of automobile tires are constantly updating their product lines, we advise you to seamlessly update the model used by you to your car, you have to update them in pairs on the axis. 13) If you have a car kit is an asymmetric tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change it on the diagonal. 14) If you have to car kit is designed rubber, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change its axis by keeping its focus. 15) Check and follow the correct torque the wheels of your car, remember that the tightening of the wheel runs diagonally to the desired use of a torque wrench. 16) Try as much as possible to make an external inspection of your wheels! 17) Remember that the use of Low profile rubber detrimental effect on the suspension of your car with the quality of road surface in our country!