Civil Code

Of course, there are times when self survey should be performed – this is due to the need to accurately determine the area of the site and its boundaries on the ground, if there are disagreements with neighbors, and future sales will be in connection with this difficult. However, as a rule, there is no need, and you're wasting time and money on unnecessary procedures. If your goal – selling land owned by you and the documents are not yet ready to deal, the buyer often has no time or desire to wait, and as a result, chooses another option. This happens in the event that no offer him some assurance of registration of the object in the property. How to do it most wisely? To do this, there is a form of a preliminary contract of sale. What is its essence? When a buyer is found, a notary office or a law firm, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is a preliminary contract of sale area does not require registration. In addition to the contract price of the property are prescribed conditions of its purchase, the term of registration of necessary documents and responsibilities of the parties, in the event of failure of one of them from engaging in transactions in the future. On the basis of this contract, the buyer usually makes a down payment and the seller shall pay all costs of bringing the documents to a state suitable vendor for the transaction.