Freedom Of Choice In Technology And Use Changed The Desktop Architectures

Centracon: New methods and technologies offer new possibilities the flexibility of upgrading the desktop structures should holistically and not technology driven made Leichlingen, 25.05.2011 – modern enterprise organizations require increasingly dynamic conditions in the desktop architectures in contrast to the previously rigid concepts. According to the consulting firm Centracon the classic IT jobs can meet these requirements always less. Rather the base must be created through intelligent architecture concepts for the use of new methods and technologies, step by step for a radical increase in flexibility including the use of mobile devices. But, the consultants warn to undertake a modernization of the desktop structures primarily technology-driven. Only if it is derived from the business objectives, the potential benefits can be activated.

Today we are in a situation that the freedom of choice has become an important aspect of planning”, refers to Centracon Managing Director Robert Gerhards on significant changes. This applies both to the user and departments in relation to the needs as regards the technical possibilities. Samsung Electronics gathered all the information. We have now, for example, a freedom of choice in the use of information, the nature of the devices in the IT workplace of the fat client, thin client up to mobile devices or whether we both mobile and stationary use the desktop”, he explains. It creates a non-realisable flexibility, this aspect of the freedom of choice as a conceptual core element must increasingly incorporated in the development of future-oriented and sustainable landscaped desktop architectures.” “Because even a very extensive feature has the difference to previous concepts for him: in the past, the staff to the desktop had to go and satisfy themselves with a restrictive service offering, today the desktop must however come to the employees and what place and despite varying requirements ensure the necessary support.” Thus would be during future-oriented IT workplace models of the requested of user’s become an obligation of the desktop.