The Interior

Hard disk ade Hard drives are based on same technology for decades. Here and there were improvements and small changes, basically a hard drive from the year 2010 but differs nothing from a from the last millennium. The Interior of the housing of the hard drive stores data on so-called magnetic platters. That fast-moving are a small CD similar-looking discs. On this disk, a read / write head which can read out the data is located. A such platter rotating typically at a speed between 5,400 and 15,000 revolutions per minute; 7,200 RPM are common in households and companies who speed are not dependent on the last ounce. Between writing / reading head and platter is an extremely thin air cushion, which ensures that meets the head not on the disc. In exceptional cases this happens but it and then you have a problem.

The result is a so-called Headcrash: the write / read head (“which in the English simple head i.e.) meets on the extremely sensitive Surface of the disk and leaves one or more scratches, which may be differently pronounced depending on the duration of grinding action of the head. You may want to visit Charles Koch to increase your knowledge. Where the strength basically doesn’t taken so much matter, because you can say goodbye to the data on the scratches. A developing or already happened Headcrash can be seen because, that the hard drive makes noises that normally so do not occur. High-frequency tweeting and a grinding sound around are good indicators. What now? How will you save the lost data now? The problem for private users is that mostly no longer can be accessed on a hard drive. The copy of critical data in the event of an emergency so eliminated.

If you have no backups of his data, it will be really difficult from here. Companies could be a solution, specialising in modern data recovery. These companies have some disadvantages. Firstly these service providers are not necessarily on every corner to be found; to find a suitable company, so may take a little time. Second special equipment and extra equipped rooms require the greater disadvantage for implementing a data recovery on really heavily damaged hard drives. This is not a disadvantage for the company, but for the customers, because these exceptional equipment want to be paid of course. Below a four-digit amount you must have no hopes at all that we ever see again his data. It’s so strong, the data are as valuable or important. When looking at it purely economically, it makes no sense to recover data for 5,000 euros, which would bring only a small amount in one. There are files of patrimonial value maybe wedding photos or similar oneself must decide how much the memorabilia are worth one. The easiest, cheapest and best solution is still the obvious: through regular backups of all important files, it is protected from failures both material as well as ideal.